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We understand that a family who is new to the world of martial arts is going to have some apprehension and concern based on things they may have seen on television or heard through the grape vine.  Here are some answers to commonly asked questions from our parents and students:​

Are classes safe?


Tae Kwon Do is a highly supervised activity.  In fact, the average student/teacher ration is only around 1 to 8, which if you compare to a normal classroom or even a sports program is very good.  Students are never asked to perform any movememtns that would put them in danger of injury.  Our Children's Curriculum has been specifically designed to accommodate ages 4 and up.  This curriculum is never harmful, sometimes a little challenging to build greater self-image, but never too difficult so that a child will experience 'Failure.' 

Frequently asked questions...

Will my child have fun?


Tae Kwon Do is good, clean, fun for children...and a great way to give kids a head start in life.  It has been our understanding that parents want the lasting benefits of confidence, respect, self-esteem and self-discipline that Tae Kwon Do offers.  However, we do not want a stuggle with the children when it is time to get ready for class.  Our instructors have become leaders in the field of motivating children.  Parents are amazed at how we are able to communicate with young people to inspire them and teach them subjects that may seem very deep for their age. 



On top of all this, YOUR CHILD WILL NEVER SIT THE BENCH at Cutting Edge.  Unlike sports, martial arts offers many wonderful competitions and fun extracurricular events, but each and every class, every student is engaged, pushed to work their hardest and to have lots of fun doing it.  Tae Kwon Do is an individual art, so each student is benefitting for their own unique reasons, yet at the same time, they are able to make new friends, and enjoy the experience with students they would not have met if it were not for Cutting Edge.  Many students develop life-long friendships through their martial arts training. 

Will my child become abusive


ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Tae Kwon Do is an art form first, self-defense second, and never self-offensive.  Every child is taught from day 1 in our Introductory Lesson that 'With great power, comes great responsibility.'  Self Control is the goal for all of our students and with our integration in the school system and at home, we join on the team with parents to help instill the values and principles that each and every parent desires for their children.  We routinely have parents use the, "Don't make me talk to Master Miller about this," and we also have a system in place called the "Black Belt Excellence Program."  This program consistently monitors students progress with behavior at home, in school and everyday actions at our school.

How much does it cost and is it worth the money?


We have several programs to meet the needs of many unique family circumstances.  We offer a Trial Program, so that families can see first hand how beneficial our programs can be.  This program costs just $25 for the month and includes a uniform and an Introductory Class for children.   After the Trial Program, our memberships start around $99 per month and we offer several family discounts to help make our programs affordable for entire families. 


Members of the martial arts community know that martial arts is an investment in your child's future.  There is no better way to help a child gain the necessary tools to be successful in life beyond your traditional education than martial arts.  A recent study showed that the #1 determining factor in a person's success in life is their ability to FOCUS.  This is the foundation of martial arts training and why we see many of our students to go on to be doctors, lawyers and community leaders and beyond. 

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