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Defensive Hap Ki Do

Defensive Hap Ki Do is hands down, one of the best all around self-defense systems available today.  The program is an off shoot of traditional Hap Ki Do, with techniques and fundamentals from many of the best systems including Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do and more. 


The system removes some of the traditional exercises such as forms, line drills and sparring, and replaces that time with a full hour of drill work, technique work, self defense concepts and 'Dynamic Drilling:' A Realistic approach to self defense training where by the defender does not know the attack coming and must react with a controlled, technique based defense until the attacker is contolled and locked on the ground. 


From it's traditional roots, Defensive Hap Ki Do's primary form of defense rests in trapping and joint locking.  With the foundation, practitioners are able to utilize a gradient of force based on the scenario.  Whereby some scenarios would require basic balance disruption and redirection, some scenarios require full force joint locks and takedowns. 


Throughout the program, we will teach self defense against a wide variety of grabs, holds and chokes, as well as strikes, kicks, ground survival and weapons dissarmment such as knife and gun. 


Even though all this may sound very intense and painful, the fact is, these techniques are fun to learn, the classroom setting is very laid back and our rule is that everyone trains to the level of the lowest common demoninator.  What that means is that if you are only comforable going at a certain level of force, and that is less that your partners, that is the level that you guys work at.  This way, every student feels comfortorable, no one gets injured and everyone wants to come back and learn more.


If this sounds interesting to you, please take advantage of our Trial Program.  For Hap Ki Do, it is really simple.  Try 3 classes on us for FREE!  Email us or call and set up your first class today.  The only thing you will regret is if you don't call.

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