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The Soul Arts Center is a state of the art community center that brings the arts, sports, fitness and wellness to one amazing place.  Cutting Edge was the founder and creator with the goal of creating a center that allowed families to have several options for different family members.  Whether it's music lessons, sports training, fitness training, theraputic massage or martial arts, we have the program for you.


We are the Capital Region's newest and most exciting fun family recreational activity.  ZORBING, which has been popularized in Europe and Asia is now made its way to America and now into our Capital Region!!! 


There is nothing like the feeling of being able to flip, bounce off other players, get tons of exercise....all while having a blast!  Whether you are 5 or 50, we promise you will NEVER FORGET THIS KIND OF FUN!

Slugger's Den is Saratoga's Premiere indoor baseball and sports training center.  With 3 tunnels and major league baseball pitching machines, Slugger's Den can offer tunnell rentals, group and private lessons, team lessons, birthday parties and much, much more.

The Capital Area
Music Project
Massage At Saratoga




518 538-1266

CAMP offers musical instruction in PIANO, VOICE, PERCUSSION/ DRUMS AND GUITAR.  Our programs are designed in small group lessons, versus the traditional private lesson format for a number of reasons.  First, we are teaching students about an art form that is about listening and collaboration, second, it is really fun to learn with friends, and 3rd, it is more affordable for families!  That's's more educational, more fun and less expensive.  We utilize the SMART MUSIC SOFTWARE in class and in the home so that students can develop at a faster pace and connect with children's style of learning.

We believe that where you restore peace to the body, you find peace of mind.  Massage therapy can help you foster more balance within your nervous system, improve your immune response, and increase circulation.  A balanced system allows you to experience a deeper level of relaxation and calm as well as a clearer mind and healthier body.  With the array of benefits massage therapy has to offer, especially in the areas of stress reduction, pain relief and creating a sense of relaxation and well-being, it is no wonder that regularly receiving massage can be a rejeuvenating experience, improving both your mental and physical states.

Other links

Be Sport Happy is a resource and brand 
for Saratoga's active sports families with kids ages 3-13. 

518 Martial Arts is your source for the Capital Region's premiere martial arts tournaments and showcases.  518 Martial Arts was created by Master Brian Miller of Cutting Edge Martial Arts and Master Adam Grogin of Pil Sung Martial Arts.

Cerebral palsy guidance

This website is devoted to all kinds of knowledge and understand as it pertains to people with Cerebral Palsy.  There is an entire page devoted to bullying and bully prevention

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