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Specialty events & Programs


Cutting Edge offers a wide variety of activities beyond the normal classroom setting.  We strive to create a true community center and environment for our students and offer programs that keep the training fresh and new year after year. 


Here are a few of our programs:


Birthday Parties

Cutting Edge Martial Arts hosts some of the best Birthday Parties around.  Our parties have continued to get better over they years, and now, we have several great options for families:

1: A 1.5 Hour Party that includes a fun martial arts lesson, Pizza Party and fun games, and the birthday boy/girl breaks a board.

2.  A 2 hour party with all the fun of Party 1, but with a 1/2 hour Bounce House Party!

3.  A 2.5 hour party with all the fun of both 1 & 2 with a home run derby party with Slugger's Den!!!


All of our Birthday Parties stand up to our motto:

"We do all the work...You have all the FUN!!! 

You could spend more money having the party at your home and be too busy to enjoy it.  Bring your camera, sit back, and enjoy seeing your child have the experience of a lifetime!


Fundraisers and Community Events

Over the years, we have raised many thousands of dollars for charities such as St. Judes and Charity Water, but we like to focus most of our energy on local charities.  We are actively involved in Jake's Help From Heavan where we help raise money to support families who have children with multiple medical needs, and each year, we collect hundreds of pounds of food for the Franklin Community Center as well as sponsor a family for Christmas. 


Tournaments with 518 Martial Arts

We started 518 martial arts with Master Adam Grogin of Pil Sung Martial Arts to foster a sense of community with the martial arts in the Capital Region.  We offer a year-round circuit of tournaments to ensure that our students have access to great competition in this region.  Currently, we offer a Team Competition every winter (Video), The Capital District Tae Kwon Do Tournament in November, The Capital District Open in April and the North East Open in August.


Parent's Night Out/ Sleepovers

We offer several events throughout the year that are purely about having FUN!  Our Parent's Night Out events allow parents to go out and get a nice dinner while, kids come to the school to play fun games, eat dinner, jump in our bounce house and watch a movie on our high-def projector.  We also extend these twice a year and make them into a sleepover! 


Seminars and Guest Instructors

To inspire our students to have an open mind and open heart, we are opening up our school to local masters and grand masters to teach as guest instructors in class.  We also like to compliment our training by offering seminars at our school in different styles of martial arts.  We have hosted seminars in Russian Systema, Brazillian Ju Jitsu, Combat Hap Ki Do, Weapons Disarming, Tai Chi and much more over the years. 


Virtual Instruction

A student at our school and Master Miller created the first Virtual Instructor to aid students in learning their curriculum.  Students are able to log into our member's section and use the tool to review patterns, kicks, self defense techniques and more.  When a student is reviewing a pattern, the software links the video to a spatial map of where they are on the shape of the pattern as well as an explanation of the movement.  Students can opt to add a text to speech function so that they can hear the explanation of the move while they are practicing it.


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