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Programs at Cutting Edge

Our goal at Cutting Edge is to help each individual student reach their personal goals. We understand that each student is unique and requires different types of instruction to help motivate them to achieve their highest potential. Cutting Edge is not an afterschool activity, but rather a program designed to foster a lifestyle both inside and out of the Dojang (school). All of our activities are designed to help a student develop a sense of personal responsibility, gain confidence, make better decisions, become more active in our community and learn to persevere through challenges in life. Our programs have a strict emphasis on defense, and not becoming offensive. Our techniques and concepts are taught to be used only as a last resort for self defense.



Cutting Edge offers a number of wonderful martial arts programs that we have developed over the past decade that ensure that we live up to our name, Cutting Edge.  Our philosophy is that the old world meets the new, the East meets the West.  By doing this, we do not take away from the arts that we teach, but work to enhance the practice, help students find the joy in the training, inspire them to be at their very best and mentor them through life's journey as they wind their way towards Black Belt and beyond.



Tae Kwon Do


Tae Kwon Do is a traditional martial arts form originating in Korea that is a mix of ancient Korean arts and Karate.  Where by Karate focuses on hand strikes and elbows, Tae Kwon Do is known for its powerful kicking techniques.  Beyond the kicks and punches, Tae Kwon Do is an art form designed to develop the MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. 


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Transported After School Martial Arts/ summer camps


One of our most unique and innovative programs, our A+ After School Program as we call it, combines all the benefits of traditional Tae Kwon Do Lessons, with the added benefit that we are able to pick students up right from school!  That's right, we pick up from all of Saratoga's Elementary Schools as well as the Middle School and Waldorf Elementary!


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Specialty Programs and Events


At Cutting Edge, we strive to offer some of the most innovative...and frankly, Cutting Edge programs around.  We have created some truly unique programs to empower our students to strive for excellence.  From starting 518 Martial Arts, to our many community programs, Birthday Parties, Virtual Instructor and Paperless Testing System, we continue to push the boundaries for martial arts programs.


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Private instruction


Cutting Edge offers several options for private instruction.  Some students need additional assistance before testing, or just like the flexibility of being able to train during the daytime on thier schedule. 


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